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Let’s face it, we all have things that we no longer need. But how many of us actually follow through and throw these thing away. Not many we assume so we have given you 6 things that you need to toss away right now. Throwing these things away will de clutter your space and free up you mind just a little bit.

6 Things to Throw Away

We are sure there are more then 6 things, but lets start small.

1. Damaged Teflon Pans

Those Teflon pans with scratches in them may seem harmless, but they are actually very very bad for you. Teflon is toxic to humans and when you ingest it you can get sick. A scratched pan, no matter how small, should be thrown away. When you are cooking food, pieces of the Teflon will flake off and get into the food.

2. Old Makeup

Makeup does have a shelf life and if you keep it around too long it’s going to be bad. Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria and if kept too long it becomes contaminated. If you notice that you are breaking out more than usual, it might be your make up.

3. Old Medicine

All those bottles and pills that you never finished over the years are taking up space. Medicine has an expiry date and after that date it could potentially be very toxic. Make sure to throw away any medicine that’s past its expiry.

4. Old Sunscreen

That bottle of Coppertone that has been sitting in your cabinet for 5 years is bad. It will no longer keep your skin safe from the sun and should be thrown away ASAP. Using expired sunscreen can result in skin cancer and sun burns, ouch!

5. Old Electronics

Computer, cell phones, game consoles, toss them out. Keeping these items (Unless for nostalgic reasons) is a bad idea. They take up usable space and if they have batteries inside them (cellphones) you are at risk for them exploding. As the batteries age they become less stable. Use a proper electronics recycling depot.

6. Shoes

Is your closest looking more and more like a shoe graveyard? If you answered yes, its time to toss out some shoes. If you are never going to wear them toss em. If they can be donated be sure to donate them.

Throwing these things away will free up your mind and home, so in the spirit of spring cleaning, start tossing.