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It’s tempting to try and do self storage by yourself, you build a shed or get a shipping container set up. All these are bad ideas, take it from us, the professionals, self storage should be left to the experts. But lets let the facts do the talking here. Here are some reasons DIY self storage is a bad idea.

Do Not DIY Self Storage

NO Security

First off, there isn’t much or any security with your own self storage project. What you get with a professional storage facility is cameras, 24/7 monitoring and layers of security within the building. This is important to many people because sometimes the items they store are very valuable. You have no one to blame but yourself when your DIY self storage project is broken into.

NO Insurance

If you think home owners insurance will cover your DIY self storage project and it’s contents think again. When you do it yourself you are not insured should something happen, theft, fire or anything else. If you have expensive things to store, then you should look for a company with the proper storage insurance. You will be happy when you need it.

NO Climate Control

We are going to assume that your DIY project did not include a climate control system. These are very expensive to install and maintain effectively. There are tons of items that require a climate controlled environment, some of those include: electronics, furniture, jewelry, books and documents. You take the risk of damage if you store these items without the proper climate control.

On top of all these reasons why DIY self storage is a bad idea, it also just looks bad. You do not want you living space turned into storage area. Self storage is affordable and convenient, talk to an expert today.