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Running a home business can be an exciting and freeing experience. You are your own boss and you have total control. This all sounds great until you realize too late you made a fatal mistake. You didn’t get a self storage unit as soon as you could. You may dismiss this, but read below too see why you need one.

Home Business and Self Storage

Part of The Plan

If you started a business, you need a good business plan. If that plan doesn’t have a section for growth and expansion then you did it wrong. It may seem a long way off, but the issues of space will become apparent really quick. In fact, it’s most often the time that you need storage that it’s unavailable. Get ahead of the game and make sure a self storage unit is part of your plan.

Inventory Space

Building on the need for space, one day you will wake up and realize that the new shipment of goods can no longer fit inside your bedroom. You need space now. Sometimes the storage facility will have the unit you need, but when it doesn’t where do you turn? It can be expensive to jump around to different units until one becomes available.


Under most home insurance plans, business inventory isn’t covered. However, with a storage unit, you can get storage insurance on all your inventory. You will be protected and compensated should something go wrong. If you have sensitive inventory, there are also climate controlled units to ensure they stay well protected.

One Stop Shop

No moving around to different places and warehouses. Your storage unit can be your one stop shop. Your storage space, your shipping facility and even your show room. Go a step further and keep all those sensitive business documents inside archive storage.

Make Security Mini Storage your home business’s one stop shop today.