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Everyone at one point will have the need for a moving truck. Either for actually moving from home to home or for simply moving goods from one destination to another. Either way, we see the same mistakes over and over again when we rent our moving trucks. Follow this guide to ensure your moving day goes smoothly and to minimize the chances for accidents.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Moving Truck

1. Not Calling Ahead

Many people think that they can just show up to our facility and there will be the perfect truck waiting. This is often not the case as the trucks are in high demand. This is especially true if you come at the beginning or end of the month. If you want to ensure the perfect truck is waiting for you, call ahead of time and book one in advance.

2. Not Adjusting Mirrors

These aren’t your typical car mirrors, they do not adjust easily. Before you set off, make sure to adjust the mirrors right. Start with the passenger side first then move to the drivers side. A lot of accidents can be avoided by making sure you can see all angles around the big truck.

3. Backing Up Blind

Unlike your car or van, our moving trucks do not have a rear view mirror or back window. So backing up can be a challenging thing. If you are alone, its best to get out of the truck and make sure there are no physical objects in the path of the truck and too see how much space you have. If you are with someone, have them guide you.

4. Using The Ramp Improperly

The ramp on our moving trucks is a very powerful tool. It can make a difficult move a lot easier if you know what you are doing. If you are moving heavier items, extend the ramp as long as you can to make the incline less steep. For light items, raise the incline for quicker access to the truck.

5. Not Checking Clearances

The quickest way to end moving day is to smash the truck into the top of a bridge of parking garage. Make sure you take note of how tall the truck is, it is clearly marked, and you should always be double checking before you go under something. Too many times people try and risk it and end up with ruined items and truck.

6. Gas

Not fueling up enough is a popular way to get stuck. Many people underestimate how much fuel these trucks use. Compared to your compact car, the mileage will be a lot lower. Just fill the truck up to make sure you will make it your destination.

7. Using Your Cellphone

In addition to the hefty fine you will receive from the police, texting/calling while driving a moving truck is very dangerous. Not only are you driving a large and heavy vehicle distracted, you are putting others in danger away. Do yourselves and others a favor and put the phone away.

At Security Mini Storage we have a wide range of moving trucks available for any purpose, rent one today!