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The weather is getting warm, in Florida warm means hot but we love it anyway. This means that peak moving season is approaching fast. If you are reading this it means that you are probably gearing up for a move. It’s not too late to get ahead of the game if you follow these simple peak moving season tips.

Peak Moving Season Tips

Save you and your family time and money by following these moving tips.

Book Early

This is a no brainier, but you will be surprised how many people call us for a moving truck one or two days before a big move. Make sure if you are booking a moving truck or movers to do so well in advance. Many places are all booked up during peak moving season.

Flexibility is Key

Many people choose to move at the end of beginning of the month. But did you that many you can get discounted rates if you choose to move around the middle of the month? That’s right, many moving trucks are siting during that time and renters offer great discounts. So be flexible about when you move.

Reputation is Everything

Don’t just book the cheapest moving company or truck. Do some serious research into who you hire, many of the cheap places have hidden fees that you don’t even know about until your stuff is loaded into the truck on the way! At Security Mini Storage all our customers are happy and leave us great reviews on our moving trucks.

Move During The Week

If you can of course. Maybe take a personal day and try for a mid week move. Many people try to move during the weekends and that’s when rental rates are much much higher then normal. Save some money and move on a Wednesday, it will make Friday come quicker.

Choose Security Mini Storage for all your moving needs. We rent moving trucks, packing supplies and are a great place to store your items in between moves. Contact us today for a great rate.