Build the Ultimate Home Theater

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Everyone wants that movie theater experience, but not many are sure how to achieve it. Building a home theater system may be a daunting task for some people, but we here at Stop and Store have put together a list on the essentials when building your dream theater. Read below for the details.

The Ultimate Home Theater

The Screen

Whats more important then the screen? Well, nothing is. No body wants to look at a poor quality screen and nothing spoils the movie like low resolution. This means that unless your TV is less than 5 years old, you many want to look into replacing it. The new screens out there boast 4k resolution and have options like built in apps such as Netflix. Stay away from plasma screens as they can have burn in, however they are considerably cheaper.

The Sound

Now, you wont achieve that THX theater sound, that would cost thousands of dollars. However, you can come darn close. Basically, you want at least two tower speakers, a sub-woofer and an amplifier. If you want to go surround sound, get two more speakers and place them in the back corners of the room. Wiring this all together can be confusing, but use this handy guide to make it a breeze, don’t waste money on “professional” installers.

The Seats

What completes a theater experience like the seats. If you want to get that theater feel, then a couple of these would do well. They give the look of a theater and are sure to impress your viewers. If you are on a budget, craigslist and some local furniture stores may have great deals on good quality seating. If the price is low enough, you can even have them reupholstered to get that brand new feel.

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