Moving Out of State? 4 Things You Need to Know

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Are you planning a move? Is it out of state? Then you need to know these 4 things before your go. Moving out of state is a lot more complicated (and expensive) then you might have realized. Make sure these basics are covered.

Moving Out of State


Yes, your taxes will change when you leave your state. Each state has its own tax rules. Some have individual income tax and some do not. You should know before you move what your new tax laws are. Some people could face an additional 3-13% increases in their taxes after an out of state move.


After your move, you are going to need to apply for a new license, and if you brought a car, its going to need a new registration as well. You may also have to pay tax on your vehicle when you re-register it inside a new state. This could end up being hundreds of dollars. You should look up the DMV in your state before you move.

Utility Fees

Your phone, internet and other utilities are set to change when you move states. These providers might charge re connection fees, termination fees etc. Make sure you know just how much this will cost. Don’t forget any other memberships like gyms and banks. The more you know about how much this will cost before will soften the blow.

Moving Companies

This is a big one, moving companies can charge “out of state” fees that you might not be aware of. Make sure you shop around for the best moving companies, or choose Security Mini Storage for all your moving needs. Don’t forget about moving insurance, the longer the trip the more likely that something can happen to your goods. Moving insurance usually costs around 60 cents per pound, not bad.