Stay Sane While Moving

Lets dive right into this one, these moving tips will help you to make sure you stay sane. If you have lost it before when preforming a move, it’s a good idea that you came to this article.

Moving Tips to Remain Sane

1. Plan Ahead

If you think that planning for your move on the day is going to workout, then think again. We have actually had people phone us on moving day expecting to rent a moving truck on that day. While this is possible sometimes, it’s unlikely, if you want to rent a moving truck, call us in advance. This also goes for moving supplies, make sure that you can get what you need ahead of time, and we recommend picking up the supplies a few days in advance.

2. Pre Clean

And by pre cleaning, we mean go through everything that you own and throw away or store the items that you don’t need. This will not only lower the costs of moving, but it will save tremendous amounts of time.

3. Label The Boxes

What to save a lot of time when you unpack? Make sure each box is labeled with the room and person the items belong too. Even better, we have seen people color code their moving boxes to make things easier to identify.

4. Clean Before You Arrive

The most underrated tip is cleaning your new place before you arrive. If you do this step, your new place will feel fresh and newer longer. It’s quite the hassle to attempt to clean around moving boxes etc. You can also take this time to preform any needed repairs on your new home. Making a few extra sets of keys as well always helps, plus if you paid for movers, the cleaner the place, the easier it is to move in and out.