3 Ways Full Gutters Can Damage Your Home

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If you have never cleaned your gutters, than this article will be a big wake up call. We know that cleaning your gutters is a task that nobody wants to undertake. It’s messy, time consuming and kind of dangerous to do alone. However, it’s a vital part of being a homeowner.

Keep Your Gutters Clean


Any proud homeowner wants to keep their property looking it’s best. With a gutter full of leaves and debris this becomes much harder. Eventually you will have debris that will overflow your gutter and end up on your lawn or garden. By keeping your gutters clean it will be easier to maintain that perfect lawn and garden. A clean gutter may even help to sell your home.

Home Damage

Behind your gutters will most likely be wood. Wood and water tend not to get along so having your gutters free and clear of leaves and debris allows water to drain properly. If you live in Florida you know that when it rains, it really rains. If your gutter can’t handle it, the water will soak into the wood behind them causing rot. Eventually the rot will be so bad you will notice your gutters falling off. Then it becomes time to call in the professionals.

Foundation Cracks

Arguably the most expensive and hardest thing to fix on any home is it’s foundation. Many people don’t know what function gutters really do, but it’s simply, to keep water away from the foundation of your home. In fact, you should go an check your gutter down spouts right now and make sure that water is draining away from the home. You will be surprised how many foundation problems start because of improperly maintained gutters.

It’s such a simple task to make sure your gutters clean there should be no excuses. If you need help there are plenty of services available in Gainesville.