Why You Need a Storm Door

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Living here in Florida means that we get storms. Most recently, Hurricane Irma, and each year they seem to get worse and worse. We have a great guide on rebuilding after Irma if you have been affected. If you are a homeowner here, then you should understand the importance of having a storm door.

Why You Need a Storm Door

Home Security

Storm doors are much stronger than your average door. They are often times made from metal (you couldn’t tell) which provides a ton more security than a traditional wooden door. Most common thieves upon seen a storm door will often become discouraged and not attempt to break through.

Keep Bugs Out

Florida has a plethora of bugs and lizards. Buy choosing a storm door, you are better able to keep these pests out of your home. Make sure that when you are shopping that you get a door with screen inserts, that way you can enjoy the breeze and keep the pests out of your home. If you have pests, checkout these great guides on removing ants and removing spiders.

Save on Energy Costs

Heating and cooling your home is no joke. If you have central heating, like a lot of us Floridians do, then you know the costs associated with air conditioning. But having a secure storm door, you are able to keep more of that cool, or hot air inside your home. Storm doors are sealed around all edges and will help you to save money on your homes cooling and heating costs.

Protects Your Main Door

Having a storm door in front of your main door will help to protect it. The main door is often decorative and has special paint and stains. But using a storm door you are able to better protect and increase the longevity of the main door.