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The Kitchen is arguably the most important part of any home. It’s where you eat, socialize and learn. We think that your kitchen should be the focal point of any home, but it’s hard for that to happen when it’s unorganized. We took some top tips from chefs and learned just how they organized their kitchens. Security Mini Storage will now pass these tips along to you.

Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Store in Bulk

Whenever you buy ingredients like flour, sugar, nuts etc, make sure to buy them in bulk, and store them in bulk containers. No more messy ripped bags and oddly shaped containers. Make everything uniform and easy to get to. This will make making meals a breeze.


The most important part of cooking is using fresh ingredients. Whenever you store ingredients make sure to label and date them. This will clear up any confusion and you can be sure you are always cooking with fresh stuff. A whiteboard maker and glass containers works best here.


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Having a dedicated space for different things is a great way to speed up the cooking process. If you have a bunch of similar tools, like pans, make sure they are all in the same place. Sometimes when dealing with pots and pans, going vertical might be the best choice. Ceiling racks can be found pretty cheap too.

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Spice Rack

If your spices situation is a mess, then it might be time to get/make a spice rack. Looking through cabinets for pepper is frustrating and annoying. There are tons of great articles for organize spice racks, here is a guide to organizing spices that’s quick and easy.

Rotate Rotate

If you are having trouble keeping ingredients fresh, use the method of first in first out. This will make sure that you will be using the freshest ingredients all the time. Using this method means you won’t ever have stale stuff laying around!

Now you are one step closer to being an iron shelf. Take these tips and start organizing that kitchen. If you need to make some room in your kitchen, grab a storage unit from us!