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Your home is hands down the biggest investment you have. Well, actually, it might be your family and their safety that trumps the safety of your home. Often times these both go hand in hand, keeping you home safe makes your family safe. Security Mini Storage knows a thing or two about security, I mean, it’s in our name!

Home Security Tips

Nothing really beats an alarm and monitoring, but if you can’t swing it, these tips are better than doing nothing.

Don’t Let People See Inside

Often times we forget that half the battle of keeping your home safe is making sure that potential criminals cannot see whats inside. When you leave make sure your blinds are closed. If a burglar cannot see anything to steal, the less likely he or she is to risk prison for it. Make it a habit to draw those blinds each time you and your family leaves the home.

Lights Are on, but No One Is Home

We aren’t talking about that one kid in your old high school class, but the idea of making it look like someone is home. Now there are a few ways to accomplish this: Leave a light on, leave the radio on or leave the TV on. Now all these seem to be very wasteful of energy and you are right. So we suggest a timer in which things like your radio or lights are plugged into. Have the time set at random times during the day.

Axe Social Media

Posting a status on Facebook like “Leaving for Cabo!” is basically telling everyone your home will be unattended for x amount of time. Talk about stupid. Don’t mention you are away, save the photo posting for when you are back.

No “hidden” Keys

We have all done it, hid a key somewhere “discrete”, but don’t you think that thieves know this too? I mean, how many places around your front door are there to hide a key? Catch my drift? Okay, if you are really forgetful, get a door lock with a pin pad, that way you will never ever have to worry about losing your keys and being locked out.

That’s all we have for now for home security tips. Be sure to store your valuables in our safe and secure storage units.